3 of the Most Common Questions About Septic Systems

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Unless you’re a septic contractor, chances are you aren’t an expert on septic systems or how they work. We here at John E. Byrd, Jr. Trucking and Tractor Service LLC, on the other hand, are your go-to septic experts, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about septic systems.

3 of the Most Common Questions About Septic Systems

Here are answers to three of the most common questions we get about septic systems:

• How do I take care of my septic system? There are many septic system maintenance tips, including being cautious about what you put into your drains. Do not put any grease, harmful chemicals, or oils into your drains, as doing so could lead to septic problems. You should also hire periodic septic services to have a professional inspect your tank and notify you of any potential issues.

• How often should I hire a septic pumping service? Generally speaking, you’ll want to have your septic tank pumped every couple of years, but there are a few different factors behind how often your tank should be pumped. For example, homes with more people contributing waste will need more frequent services. Talk with your local septic tank experts about what your system needs.

• How do I know there’s something wrong with my system? Pay attention to how your drain system is working. Are you experiencing lots of clogs? Is there a foul odor coming from your drain? Make note of any strange occurrences with your drain system and be sure to hire septic services to address them sooner rather than later.

If you have other questions about your septic system or are looking for top-notch septic services, give us a call today.