Septic Maintenance Begins Indoors—Here’s How

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You may not realize it, but how you use water and dispose of waste indoors has a direct impact on the health of your septic system outdoors. Thankfully, there are several household habits that, if implemented, can be the start of a robust septic maintenance routine.

Septic Maintenance Begins Indoors—Here’s How

  • Utilize Water More Efficiently. Many homeowners forget that every time they run a sink, shower, washing machine, or flush a toilet, all that wastewater ends up in their septic system. Every unnecessary gallon flowing through your pipes contributes to premature saturation of the system’s wastewater processing capacity. Therefore, you should strive to make every drop of water flowing down your drains count.
  • Dispose of Waste Responsibly. Substances like paints, medications, and cleaning products may contain toxins that harm the bacteria essential to breaking down waste in your septic tank. Properly disposing of these materials is essential to protecting the microbes vital to your system’s operation. Additionally, be mindful not to introduce excess solids that can clog drainage pipes, preventing wastewater from progressing through the system.
  • Keep Accurate Septic Maintenance Records. Think of your septic maintenance records as an indispensable user manual. Keeping organized, updated records empowers you to notice incremental issues, meaning you’ll be able to take proactive septic maintenance steps.

Septic maintenance should always begin with you. By being intentional with your indoor activities, you’ll be setting up your septic system for enduring success. If you have any questions regarding septic maintenance, contact our septic care experts at John E. Byrd, Jr. Trucking and Tractor Service LLC today.